Green Public Procurement

Green Public Procurement (GPP) represents one of the pillars of the Program for the rationalization of public spending of the P.A. (Program).

Since April 2008 – with the actuation of the inter-ministerial decree that launched the GPP National Action Plan, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Consip – more impetus has been given to sustainable procurement with the objective to:

  • integrate green considerations to the public procurement processes of Public Administrations
  • orient the procurement choices of Public Administrations towards goods, services, maintenance works that have a less environmental impact

Public Administrations can launch green procurement procedures by using the procurement instruments of the Program, according to the CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi – Minimum Environmental Criteria), giving value to the green offers of the suppliers within a specific procurement procedure.

The green initiatives of the Program for the rationalization of public spending of the P.A.

The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of the goods and services used by Public Administrations. The number of green initiatives of the Program has increased during the last years promoting a series of instruments and strategies with the aim to stimulate eco-sustainable procurement processes.

The main eco-objectives are related to the following sectors:

Energy and resources

  • encourage the use of renewable sources
  • promote the dematerialization of resources
  • contain the consumption of energy and natural resources during the phases of production and use of goods/services
  • contribute to generate energy savings

Protection of Health and Environment

  • respect all standards related to the restriction of the use of hazardous substances for health and the environment
  • give value to green characteristics of the products/services offered by suppliers with the aim to reduce their environmental impact

Recycle of materials and circular economy

  • encourage the differentiated waste collection by procuring recycled products and materials

Waste management and restoration of raw materials

  • promote the culture of reduction of waste, the qualification of the raw materials that are still available, the separation of waste and the use of recycled and recyclable materials

The green characteristics of the single product/service offered are reported in the summary sheet of the procurement eco-sustainable initiative or in the catalogue.