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The Program for the Rationalization of Public Authority Purchases was launched with the 2000 Budget Law with the aim of optimizing public purchases of goods and services and developing provisioning models based on innovative processes and technologies.

The new possibilities offered by recent legislation promoting the use of cutting-edge technological solutions have created the opportunity to structure public authority purchasing entities according to private sector models. In this scenario, with the aim of making the public expenditure market ever more efficient and transparent, the Program provides Italian public authorities and European companies with a number of innovative purchasing tools.

Framework Contracts, the Electronic Marketplace and Framework Agreements are the first eProcurement tools that have been successfully developed by the Program and they will soon be followed by the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

In its institutional activity, the Program plays the role of interlocutor between public authorities and enterprises. Ensuring a structured and market-friendly change management process requires the involvement of a number of public and private sector entities with different roles and functions:

  • the Ministry of the Economy and Finance plays a policymaking and coordinating role, defines the Program’s guidelines and promotes synergies with all other involved institutions
  • Consip, within the guidelines et by the MEF, analyzes the demand and supply markets, develops purchasing initiatives according to PA requirements and provides purchasing know-how and consultancy services to meet specific requirements
  • Public Authorities and Enterprises benefit from the use of the tools provided by the Program and cooperate in the identification of quantity and quality requirements
  • the Oversight Authorities (AGCM / CNIPA / AGCOM / AEEG) ensure, within their specific responsibilities, the compliance of purchasing initiatives with the principles of transparency and competition.

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