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International Experiences

The strengthening of international partnerships, through the exchange and sharing of experiences with European and extra-European institutions, allows Consip to compare and verify the quality and innovation of the services it provides, to acquire and elaborate innovative ideas and stimuli and to engage in a closer cooperation with similar international entities.

Some of the main international activities carried out are:

  • Hosting foreign governmental delegations interested in analyzing both Consip  Public eProcurement System and the egovernment projects and ICT consultancies provided to the Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • Planning and management of exchange programs on public eprocurement with other international organizations and central purchasing bodies, among them Hansel (Finland), OGC Buying Solutions (Great Britain), BBG (Austria), PPA (Bulgaria), PPS (South Korea), PPA (Turkey) and ANCP (Portugal), in order to exchange the best practices carried out and share critical topics or difficulties encountered in procurement procedures.
  • Participation in European projects aimed at developing and disseminating eProcurement, foremost among them Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line), an initiative that was launched in May 2008 within the framework of the European Program for Innovation and Competition (CIP).
  • Participation in international events and conferences organized by qualified experts in the field, international institutions, NGOs and foreign governments in order to present Italy?s eProcurement model and some of the best eGovernment practices developed for the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the areas of public finance, public accounting and more generally on ICT consultancy.
  • Participation as national experts in some eGovernment and eProcurement working groups of the European Commission.
  • Participation in international awards on the best eGovernement practices. In 2009 Consip has obtained two awards with the Project  "The Italian Public Administration eMarketplace- MEPA". More specifically, the EIPA best practice diploma 2009 in the frame of the European Public Service Award (EPSA), and the Winner label of the European Egovernment Awards 2009.